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Kelp & Sea Mineral Face Wash - 5 fl oz - Goodfellow & Co™

Brand: Goodfellow & Co

Price: $5.99

Achieve a bright, radiant skin complexion with ease with No. 05 Kelp & Sea Mineral Face Wash from Goodfellow & Co™. This men’s daily face wash includes quality ingredients such as rice extract, shiitake extract, lemon extract, papaya extract and vitamin C to minimize pores, protect skin from environmental toxins, reduce acne, exfoliate and clean pores, reduce uneven skin tone and brighten skin. Comprised of rosemary, lavender and sage enveloped in a watery, fruity blend with a floral, mossy finish, the sweet and earthy Kelp & Sea Mineral scent will leave your skin smelling great all day long. Use twice daily. Apply and massage a small amount into moist skin, then rinse clean. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.