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20"x20" Oversize Atom Poly Filled Square Throw Pillow - Rizzy Home

Brand: Rizzy Home

Price: $75.00

Enhance your home decor with this gorgeous accent pillow from The Back Talk Collection by Rizzy Home. Crafted with premium cotton fabric and embellished with embroidered accents, this beautiful 20" x 20" pillow offers a unique look that can transition seamlessly from traditional to industrial modern decor. It features a white cotton duck front and back with a solid white cotton backing and a hidden zipper closure for easy filling. This stunning accent pillow will be sure to bring a touch of whimsy and charm to your home with its scientific, atom-inspired embroidered accents and deconstructed edged flange. Available in shades of white, red and white, this charming and sophisticated pillow from Rizzy Home is sure to become a statement piece in your living space.

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