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Haute Decor Christmas Adapt Adjustable Top & Bottom Christmas Wreath Hanger Antique Brass

Brand: Haute Decor

Price: $13.59

The Adapt™ Adjustable Wreath Hanger, Top and Length Adjustable version contains all of the best features of our Adapt™ Adjustable wreath hanger but features an adjustable top hook that will allow the hanger to fit on any sized door, whether thick or thin! Simply adjust the top hook horizontally to lock it on to the door frame. Will fit door widths from 1-inch to 2.75-inch. Our proprietary slide mechanism adjusts easily and extends from 16.5” to 25”, allowing you to appropriately size any decoration on nearly any sized door! Special pads on the back protect your door from scratches. This gorgeous wreath hanger is made of high-quality steel and designed to withstand the elements, so you can hang your wreath (up to 20 lbs) worry-free indoors or out. Plus, our Adapt™ Adjustable Wreath Holder comes in a variety of finishes to match your mood and style. Adapt™ is a trademark of Haute Decor.

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