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70" Tall Iron Squares-on-Squares Pylon Trellis, Graphite Powder Coat, Modern Garden Decor - Achla Designs

Brand: ACHLA Designs

Price: $186.99

For any avid gardener or plant lover, finding enough vertical space for your climbing vines, flowers, vegetables, or runners can be a challenge. Many people choose traditional wrought iron trellises and arbors for their combination of strength and graceful style. With Square-On-Squares Trellises by ACHLA Designs, you get not only the functionality of a sturdy plant support, but also the artistic style of a well-designed wrought iron structure. The Square-on-Squares Pylon is a unique three-sided trellis topped with a large bowl-shaped basket. This large trellis makes a striking impression, with or without climbing plants. The generous basket has a jute liner that can hold a large container or be planted directly. Fill the wide basket with cascading blooms and welcome guests with a fountain of color at your garden entrance or drive. The coordinating Square-On-Squares Arbor, Square-On-Squares Wall Trellis, and Double Pole Trellis allow you to create a unified Modern garden theme.